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S1000D Foundation Suite

If you’re about to begin a new S1000D project – don’t rely on just any old methodology

Considering all the work required to begin using S1000D, wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool to make it easier? 


The SDL S1000D Foundation Suite can save time, money and aggravation on your S1000D implementation. By leveraging the toolkit, your project’s foundational data components can be easily and methodically defined and produced. 

Watch our on-demand webinar and download the accompanying presentation slides to learn how the toolkit and other SDL offerings can get your S1000D project up and running faster and better. Topics include: 

Planning your technical data architecture to: 

  • Reduce time to create technical data
  • Avoid rework
  • Increase quality
Implementing the toolkit to:
  • Expedite data-design process
  • Ensure data architecture is comprehensive, complete and compliant
Employing best practices to:
  • Speed project start-up
  • Maximize return on investment

From ‘Now what?’ to ‘Great, what’s next?’

This eBook will help you begin implementing S1000D with confidence and checking off those tasks in your project schedule.

S1000D Project Start-up Service

Download this brief to learn how SDL Professional Services can help build a solid foundation for your S1000D project.