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SDL Enterprise Translation Server (ETS)

On-premise machine translation for security conscious organizations

SDL Enterprise Translation Server (ETS) is designed for organizations that need to securely translate large volumes of information into one or more languages, at high speed and high accuracy. Maintain 100% control of your language content with a dedicated enterprise machine translation system.

Secure machine translation

Know exactly where your content is at all times. Translate enterprise confidential content such as engineering plans, product roadmaps and legal communications behind your own firewall.

Easy to Deploy

SDL’s new XMT technology makes the ETS footprint affordable and manageable, minimally deployable on an average server. ETS can be easily scaled up or down to meet your performance requirement. ETS is available for Windows and Linux operating systems.

Easy to Integrate

The ETS MT engine can be integrated with other parts of the translation and content management ecosystem whether in the enterprise datacenter or deployed in the Cloud. REST API enables seamless integration with other application workflows.

Broad language coverage

Access the industry’s most comprehensive language solution covering 100 global language pairs. Our translation engines are trained by expert research and development teams and can be customized for your specific industry or organization, ensuring every translation matches your communication style.