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Empower your translation teams to work faster and smarter. With simultaneous collaboration on any project wherever your team are, users can share project files, terminology and translation memories simply and securely giving Project Managers greater control and visibility. Streamline project processes and remove manual, error-prone ways of working that slow your team down.

Deliver high quality

Achieve greater consistency with centralized translation memories and terminology accessible in real-time by multiple users wherever they are.

Achieve more

Free up your team's valuable time with fewer manual project creation steps, automatic job notifications and zero delay in accessing resources.

Stay in control

Manage who can access your projects, translation files and what level of authority each user is granted.

Smarter project management with Project Server

Don't chase projects. Free up your project managers’ time and enable them to set up, monitor and manage people and resources far easier. Publish project files to a central location and let SDL Trados GroupShare do all the hard work. Simply monitor your project progress and get instant updates and completion statistics.

Streamlined project setup

Create, publish and manage translation projects in fewer steps and cut down on unnecessary, time-wasting project administration.

Automatic team notifications

Let SDL Trados GroupShare automatically notify team members when work is ready, removing the burden on your project managers.

Real-time project updates

Add new files or make updates to projects at any time and changes will become instantly available to selected team members.

Shared translation memories with TM Server

Get higher-quality, more consistent projects with far greater rates of content reuse using translation memory technology. Allow an unlimited number of translators to connect to a server or Cloud-based translation memory in real-time. This method delivers TM sharing that is simply not possible in a desktop-only environment.

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Central collaboration

Translate faster and cheaper as your build your translation memory by centralizing assets and discovering collaborative ways of working.

Instant content reuse

Improve content consistency and reuse as multiple users can instantly benefit the moment a new translation is added to a GroupShare TM.

Controlled access

Increase control and security with role-based permissions giving users unique degrees of authority to work on the same TM.

Live terminology sharing with Terminology Server

Ensure consistent, high-quality content from source through to translation by providing live, company-wide access to everyone involved in applying terminology as part of their role.  Cut out manual, outdated steps of sharing terminology with other content creators via email or in spreadsheets.

Leading technology

Share your existing SDL MultiTerm files in real-time with everyone involved in a project.

Easy to use

Connect to SDL Trados GroupShare directly from within the SDL Trados Studio environment, making it easy to adopt and quick to roll-out.

Company-wide access

Go beyond the translation department and give every department web-based access to your terminology glossaries.

On-premise or Cloud deployment

Choose between deploying SDL Trados GroupShare internally on a company-owned server or opt for SDL Trados GroupShare Cloud – an SDL-hosted solution. Both options offer users the ability share all of their translation assets across the entire translation supply chain without being bound by limited IT resources.

Deployment solutions

Implement SDL Trados GroupShare without the need to alter any existing processes.

Flexible options

Add additional users as your business needs evolve, so you can scale according to your demands and business growth.

Easy setup

Get up and running as quickly as possible with straightforward and simple setups guided by SDL experts from the start.

Harness translation queries

SDL smartQuery effectively manages queries and captures them for reuse, leveraging them as a translation asset and ensuring stakeholders are kept properly informed with an integrated workflow solution.

Perfect the review process

SDL globalReview ensures translator, reviewer and manager work together effectively via a central, integrated review platform. Improve efficiency and objectify quality assessment through advanced sampling and analysis features.

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